Every little milestone once didn’t feel that small. However, some milestones require going an extra mile like hopping on the baby’s first trip. What a hassle it may seem yet it can be smartly tackled with innovative and durable baby gear and essentials.

Remember this mantra, keep your expectations low but your spirits high! If you plan a weekend getaway trip or fly to another country with your little bundle of joy, you might need the following baby gear to lessen your burden and double your fun.

Lightweight Baby Strollers

Whether traveling on a plane or in a car, you wouldn’t want a backache nor want your hands to be fully occupied.

To escape the hassle of carrying the gigantic and bulkiest baby gear, try Tinnies Stroller a try!

If you’re a frequent flier or traveler, Tinnies Stroller Black is worth investing in! It has a lightweight body with a sleek design to get you through the flight with WOWs. The best part about it is the maneuvering wheels that can glide you through all the rocky roads too.

Moreover, its padded seat provides the ultimate comfort and can make your little one sleep peacefully even on a bumpy road. Sip your coffee or favorite beverages with cup holder space to double the fun.

Relish portability with the easy-to-carry stroller. Along with ideal adjustment levels of the seat and handle. Check out Tinnies, to get your hands on the newest addition of the stroller.

Travel-Friendly Play Pen

Weekend getaways are incomplete without camping and bonfire. If you are on one, you must get a Portable Play Pen!

No matter where you are, you must be on the lookout for where your little boo has toddled away. Thus, nothing is better than carrying a portable playpen. All you need to lay it out and drop your little boo in it.

The best part is it folds and unfolds in a snap! With breathable material, you can see your little munchkin’s cute face and hear all the giggles. To make your family adventure perfect, try out Tinnies Playpen, it comes with a tiny diaper changing station.

Silicone Baby Bibs

Where there is a baby, there is a mess! A sentence is enough to bring back all those flashbacks of trips; that turned out to be no less than any disaster. 


If you want to feel relaxed with less post-trip laundry to do, you must get your hands on Silicone Baby Bib. Tinnies have a wide range of bibs in chic, color-coordinated designs that will shine with your little one to make mealtime cheerful and fun time.

Buckle Up! We are going on a trip…

Preparing for a little one’s first trip can be overwhelming, but it will get easier once those whines turned into giggles.