There is nothing in the world for couples that’s music to ears except “Congratulations, you are expecting”

The most exciting part for parents-to-be is planning out each and everything that their Lil bub will need. From designing the baby’s nursery to finding an exceptional school for them, they want the best for their tiny tutu.

Initially planning out will be challenging but can be easily achieved with a checklist. With the right brand like Tinnies by your side, you can design and plan out your baby’s nursery.

A nursery should be a place where you and your Lil sunshine feel comfy and relaxed. Thus, it’s important to find out, what essentials you must add to the nursery and which luxuries can be skipped.

To help you get sorted, add the following to the nursery’s checklist!

Baby Rocker

A touch of aesthetics is a must! Vibrant color is what completes a baby’s nursery. But spending bucks on only aesthetics isn’t enough if it’s not adding any value to your Lil tutu’s life?

Baby Rockers come in handy for feeding and soothing tiny tutu. A perfect spot where the little boo’s whines turn into giggles. It also adds value to your nursery aesthetically and functionally.

There will be times when you will not be able to handle your fussy baby. Thus for a change and contentment from those whines, you will need a change of motion to soothe your tiny tot.

If you are looking for a sturdy yet easy-to-control baby rocker? Consider this blog of blessings for you!

Baby rocker
Let your little munchkin comfortably lounge, rock, and play!

Crib or Cot

The centerpiece of the nursery! Choosing it might be difficult initially but once you have decided nursery’s theme and the design of the baby crib or cot you need, you are sorted.

Furthermore, make sure to invest in a high-quality crib that’s a safe, sturdy, and cozy space for your little sunshine. In a blink of an eye, your Lil bub will grow and start rolling over their tummies and crawling, thus it’s necessary to choose a crib or cot that will accommodate your growing child.  

If you are looking for a finely structured crib or cot, you must get your hands on wooden cots.

Baby Monitor

The luxury of having a baby nursery comes with a cost. With sleeping bub in the next room, you are all left with anxiety and ifs and buts.

Often new parents exhaust themselves to such an extent that they forget to take care of their health. To all the new parents, you have the right to relax with a content heart as your little tutu sleeps next door.

With a single screen, all your anxiety can vanish in a blink. Baby monitor, an advanced invention that has made motherhood easier. Now you don’t have to peek in the nursery every other minute, instead, you can check bub through the monitor.


A cot is nothing without beautiful bedding!

To make the nursery brighter and more colorful, you must get a set of beddings to switch frequently.

If you are looking for cute cot bedding? You must get your hands on Tinnies Cot Beddings, which has a wide range of colors. High-quality bedding with 2 edges and head guards to protect your baby from accidents. Along with fancy pillows, quilt, and bed sheets to complete the set.

A sturdy wooden crib for your little tot’s comfortable sleep with smooth mobility

Baby Swing

A must-have gear! Initially, parents love to hold their babies and roam around to soothe them but as exhaustion strikes them, all they need is a baby swing.

Tinnies Baby Swing has a wide range of different colors that can match the theme of the nursery. The best part of their electric baby swing is that you can set the timer and let your little boo swing and play with those plushy toys. Moreover, the melodious music soothes the baby to sound asleep.

2-in-1 design converts from swing to stationary seat

Changing Table

The moment you know, when you’re expecting is when the worst fear starts haunting you till the next nine months, which is soon you’ll have to change diapers.

To all the new parents or to-be-parents, your Lil munchkin’s nursery is incomplete without a changing table. To avoid that little explosion from ruining the crib, you must get a changing table.


Initially, setting up a nursery might be overwhelming but it’s necessary to spend some bucks on the comfort of Lil munchkin. Start with the essentials and later move on to the luxuries which can be brought as your little tutu grows.